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New Solar Farm Powers On In Middleton

A new solar array at Morey Field in Middleton is now serving customers who participate in MGE's community solar program Shared Solar.

The five-megawatt facility, which came online in early August, has approximately 17,000 solar panels and generates enough clean energy to power more than 1,000 households according to MGE. The remaining output serves the City of Middleton and the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District, both of which have separate Renewable Energy Rider agreements with MGE.

The solar farm in Middleton is one of the latest facilities added to MGE's clean energy portfolio, which already includes wind farms in Wisconsin and Iowa. Another 20-megawatt facility in Fitchburg was recently approved by the Public Service Commission and the $31.7 million project could break ground as early as next summer.

"Growing our use of renewable energy is one of the ways we're working to achieve net-zero carbon electricity by 2050," the company says. "Customer participation in Shared Solar helps us grow clean energy in our community."

Eligible MGE customers can join the Shared Solar program by paying a one-time upfront fee of $47.25 per share to reserve a portion of the solar electricity produced and guarantee a stable price-per-killowatt-hour of $0.109 for 25 years. Program participants can purchase up to 50% of their total energy costs, which for an average customer who uses 6,000 kWh per year, equates to about $425 in participation costs for nine solar shares and about $2.75 more per month in energy costs. The remaining energy use is billed at the standard rate.

Expanding MGE's clean energy program supports the governor's goal of 100% carbon-free electricity in Wisconsin by 2050. In 2019, Gov. Tony Evers established the Office of Sustainability and Clean Energy in the state's Department of Administration, which is tasked with overseeing the transition to cleaner energy.

Interested in going green with the Shared Solar program? Visit◼

Article content submitted by MGE. Additional reporting by Megan Handley.

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