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Orchard Ridge Neighborhood Association

Welcome Neighbors,

The Orchard Ridge Neighborhood Association (ORNA) hopes you will join in our great community by becoming an active association member. It is a great way to learn about your neighborhood, to meet friends and to find out about activities. Some regular events are the Winter Social, Easter Egg Hunt, Neighborhood Garage Sale, 4th of July Parade and Picnic and Fall Fest.

The goals of the ORNA include:

  • Creating a sense of community, security and friendship among all our neighbors

  • Providing engaging and fun events for people of all ages in our community

  • Being active on issues of mutual concern that affect the quality of our lives and the future of the neighborhood

Join ORNA today $20/year per household.

Board & Committees


Karen Rayshel,


Mike Thomsen,
Vice President


Roger Avery, Treasurer


Open, Secretary

Board Members At Large

Dawn Feneht
Brian Hanneman



Web & Membership: Mike Thomsen
Welcome: Cherie Olson
The Grapevine: Megan Handley
Health & Safety: Open 
Events: Rebbecca Haushalter, Brian Hanneman

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