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Innovative Products to Help You Save Energy

Save Time and Energy—Smart Thermostats and Plugs Offer Simple Energy-Saving

Solutions for Your Household

Fall is here and for many, that means busier calendars as we bid goodbye to long summer days and the slow pace of summer. While saving energy may not be top of mind, MGE has simple tips that can help set your household up to save time and energy all year long.

Consider Upgrading to a Smart Thermostat

These internet-connected thermostats automatically adjust your household's heating and cooling systems, lowering the temperature when you're away in the winter or raising it in the summer. Like other smart devices, smart thermostats can be controlled remotely and automatically adjust to your household routine.

Smart Plugs

Did the kids turn off the TV? Did we leave the lamp on? Investing in smart plugs, or smart

outlets, can help you remotely control almost anything from electronics to lamps with a

smartphone. They are available in a variety of styles and prices online and in local stores.


Our energy efficiency partner, Focus on Energy, offers an incentive on smart thermostats for

eligible MGE customers. Focus on Energy also offers free energy-saving kits, which include

items like smart power strips that can cut off power to electronics when they are not in use. To learn more, visit

Free Energy-Saving Advice

MGE is available to provide tips and answer your questions about using technology to save

energy. Call the MGE Home Energy Line at (608) 252-7117 or send an email to

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