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Neighborhood Garage Sale

Updated: Jun 8

Orchard Ridge Neighborhood Rummage Sale is This Year!

The dates this year are May 3-4, Friday and Saturday. General hours are: 8-3, but feel free to set what works for you. These dates correspond with Green Tree and Meadowood Sales. 

To participate in this sale and have your address and info included on the map, you'll need to make sure your membership with the ORNA is active! 

Contact Alissa Hirscher, ORNA Rummage Sale Coordinator, to be included in the sale

Your address will be included in a google map in Google. Alissa will send more emails as the dates get closer.  ORNA will need help displaying signs as the dates approach. We'll also need to know if you are interested in the St. Vinnie's pick up (usually Monday or Tuesday after the sale).  Garage Sale season is just around the corner.

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